Simoni Residence - Kaimakli

Project Details

The area was selected by our company P. Kimonas Developments Ltd with great attention in order to offer its future residents a comfortable and functional place to live in a peaceful area of Nicosia.

The building will include two and three bedrooms apartments.

All apartments will be located in Blocks A, B and C.

Each block will consist of four floors.

40 apartments of different sizes and areas will be allocated to the 3 blocks as follows:
Block «Α» - 14 Apartments
Block «Β» - 14 Apartments
Block «C» - 12 Apartments


Reinforced concrete with high tensile steel, in accordance to the Cyprus Anti-Earthquake Code.

External walls shall be constructed of high quality thermal insulation bricks of a total thickness 0,28cm. Interior walls shall be of bricks of total thickness 0,10 in accordance to the Plans. Exterior wall concrete surfaces (beams and columns) shall be covered with extruded polystyrene 5cm think and finished with three coats of spatula.

Stairs shall be covered with granite 60X30. Elevators shall be clad in granite ceramic. The stairs shall be of granite 2cm thick.

The walls of the elevator shall be covered with ceramic tiles.