Simoni 6

Project Details

The area was selected by our company P. Kimonas Developments Ltd with a great attention in order to offer its future residents a comfortable and function place to live in a peaceful area of Nicosia. The building will consist of 3 floors with 12 apartments of 2 bedrooms. The building <<Simoni Court 6>> will also have a roof garden. For every apartment there will be a separate covered storage and parking space.


Concrete with high strength reinforcement, built in compliance to the Cyprus Seismic code.

The   exterior   walls   are   insulated   with   high   quality   bricks, 0.28   cm    thick.   The internal masonry is made of 0.10 cm-thick bricks as specified   in the plans. The external concrete surfaces (beams and columns) will be insulated with extruded polystyrene, 5 cm thick, and will then receive three coats of plaster coating.

The stairwells will be fitted with granite 60cmx30cm. The elevator walls will be of granite ceramic. The staircase will be constructed out of 2 cm thick granite.