Harmonia Complex

Project Details

The new project of P. KIMONAS DEVELOPMENTS LTD is the “HARMONIA Complex” in Strovolos which will consist of two new modern buildings with apartments for residential purposes.

The erection of the “Harmonia Complex” will be implemented on three plots covering Macheras, Smirnis and Sevron streets; this is a privileged, residential area, ideal for living in a modern luxurious apartment, which the buyers may acquire at quite attractive prices.

The area is considered excellent from all aspects, since Strovolos is seen by experts as the most developed municipality. They foresee that with today’s developmental rates, Strovolos is considered to be the most populated municipality in Cyprus within the next ten years. Therefore, the purchase of an apartment in Strovolos municipality constitutes a privilege for its owner, who can use it for purposes of residence, as well as for investment.

P. KIMONAS DEVELOPMENTS LTD offers this great opportunity to all interested persons who wish to own one of the18 apartments of the three-floor modern buildings.

The first building will consist of six three-bedroom apartments (two on each floor) and the second building will consist of twelve three-bedroom apartments (four on each floor). The apartment’s square meters will vary, while they will be equipped with all modern facilities. Furthermore, all apartments include their own parking and storage spaces.

The only available two bedroom apartment – Harmonia Complex in the centre of Strovolos with high standards, air conditioning, heating, covered parking and storage


Reinforced concrete of high endurance, pursuant to the Cyprus anti-earthquake building code.

The external masonry consists of best quality bricks of a total thickness of 0,25m. The internal masonry consists of bricks of total thickness of 0,10m as per the architectural plans. The external surfaces of the masonry shall be plastered in three layers, the materials to be chosen by the architect.


The main entrance will consist of granite 60 X 30 thickness 2 cm. The elevator will consist of double loading granite ceramic. The stairway will consist of granite thickness 2 cm.

Ceramic floor of excellent quality will be placed, the buyers having the right of selection, if it’s feasible. Ceramic tiles will be placed in the ground floor, living room, corridors, their purchase price is €25,00/㎡depending on the desired skirting.

The floors of all porches will be made of ceramic tiles of excellent quality. Their purchase price is €15.00/㎡.

All bedrooms will be furnished with laminated floors for €17.00 with soundproof foam for the reduction of noise imported by our company.

All bathrooms, shower-rooms, toilet-rooms will be equipped with ceramic floor for €25.00 imported by our company.

Not available

Plans (PDF download)

BLOCK A: 1st Floor -(101-102)
BLOCK A: 2nd Floor (201-202)
BLOCK A: 3nd Floor (301-302)
BLOCK A: Parking
BLOCK B: 1st Floor - (101-102-103-104)
BLOCK B: 2nd Floor (201-202-203-204)
BLOCK B: 3rd Floor (301-302-303-304)
BLOCK B: Parking